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KAVIR Motor’s Showroom for Motorcycle Accessories Just Opened.


KAVIR Motor’s new showroom for motorcycle accessories and spare parts was opened on 19-20 October 2017 at KAVIR Motor’s central repair shop and after sales services center in Tehran.

After days of recalls and promotions, during this two-day ceremony, customers were warmly welcomed by good offers and discounts and free-of-charge installations of parts and accessories.

In this showroom decorated by environmental advertising, different types of accessories, spare parts, apparels, helmets, and chemical fluids all related to motorcycles were showcased and sold for trademarks including:


-          KTM

-          Kawasaki

-          Piaggio

-          Vespa

-          Hyosung

-          TRS

-          MOTOREX

-          MOTUL

-          DAINESE

-          MOMO DESIGN

-          INTERPHONE

-          TCX

-          AIROH

-          TWIN AIR

-          LV8

-          YUASA

-          YOSHIMURA

-          Race Dynamics

-          Titax


KAVIR Motor’s Motorcycle Accessories Showroom will give services permanently at this location for fans and customers.

one week before the ceremony, KAVIR marketing team announce all points of the promotions and free installation of the accessories via digital medias including: telegram related channels and groups, Instagram, website.

over that week all of accessories of all subordinated brands of KAVIR CO were announced for relevant end-users in terms of product and the discount. also the date and hour of opening were being announce regularly via those digital medias. outdoor advertising materials were installed around the store for folk who were moving there...these tools were including: flag beach, banner and balloons. indoor advertising materials were there too including 2 LEDs, balloons and 3 salesmen were being refers to viewers and introduce the products and response the folk in the place of store too.