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kavirmotor-startup-operation-Phase 1-KAVIR Motor’s plant

The startup of construction operation of the Phase 1, and picking of the phase 2 of KAVIR Motor’s plant


The ceremony for startup of construction operation of the Phase 1, and picking of the phase 2 of KAVIR Motor’s plant was held on 9th August 2016. In this ceremony some faces such as Isfahan Governor, Deputy of Iranian Industry Minister, consultant of Iranian Industry Minister, Experts of Nioroo Moharakeh Company and some experts of the Ministry of Industry, top managers of the Province’s companies, Experts of Environmental Protection Organization of Iran, and other State managers and officials attended.


This project will be operated in the Fajr Decade (10 February 2017) and in Isfahan as the Country’s most industrial province in the field having 52000 and 40000 square meter substructure and with cooperation of foreign companies and by implementing new generation assembling lines for motorcycles having fuel injector based engines with Euro 4 emission standards and also for electric scooters with the goal of localization, and technology transfer of such products and exporting to the countries of the region. The annual production capacity of this plant will be 120000 units annually in one working shift by operating 3 production lines and more than 1500 workers.  


“Investment for KAVIR Motor Industrial Plants Group has been done by the officials of this company only and without dependence to governmental sources, and for sure this manufacturing group will be one of the best in this field in the Country by this year” Ali Yazdani, Deputy of Iranian Industry Minister, said in this ceremony.


“400,000 motorcycle sets are produced in the Country annually and part of it is exported to other countries. Also, the production line for electric scooters in KAVIR Motor’s plant can be effective in reduction of the Country’s environmental problems.” He added as supporting the entrepreneurs.


He also specified: “Isfahan Province is one of the biggest pols of industry in Iran, in which any industrial investment and creating production sections are cost-effective in every point of view.”


The top manager of the Province said in this ceremony: “Today, by startup of the construction of this plant, a good investment and economic has been done. Job creation beside investment for the management of this Province has very special importance and opening this plant will create about 1500 jobs.”


The Governor of Isfahan added: “Based on the investors’ accounts, this plant will be opened in the Fajr Decade (10 February 2017). The type of the manufactured products is among the dominant features of the startup of this manufacturing project considering the solving of environmental problems and absorbing foreign investments.”